OPUS COLLECTION organic endless pattern
OPUS COLLECTION organic endless pattern

    OPUS COLLECTION organic endless pattern

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      About OPUS COLLECTION organic endless pattern

      The Opus collection is a unique handcrafted wooden surface that comes fully assembled.

      Opus is an organic, endless pattern achieved with just one tile. Inspired by the mosaic of ancient Venice and the cobblestones of Paris in the 19th century, we have spent many years reviving the wonderful tradition of end grain and giving it a new, contemporary life. The hidden repeat allows for easy, multi-directional laying that can be laid tile by tile with a seamless connection.

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      About Oscar Ono

      Oscar Ono Paris creates high quality surface design and handcrafted inlay work for floors and wall coverings. Timeless and individually designable, they exude the incomparable character of eternal wood combined with modern functionality. Exceptional and traditional techniques give the material and design a unique touch.

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      About the designer

      Dynamically formed, organically permeated: The lines and structures of the Parisian designer Raphael Navot bear witness to the profound liveliness of noble materials, which manifest themselves in elements with a strong character. Moment and eternity merge into unique objects, created and perfected through exceptional craftsmanship.

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